Frame 352 of the Patterson-Gimlin Film

Reported Tennessee Sightings

Date Location Witness Incident
'Wild Man of the Woods' reportedly captured; 6 ft 5 in tall, large eyes, 'fish scales' on the body. Exhibited in Louisville, KY.
1957Near JacksonJames M. Meacham (15)Witness shot repeatedly without effect at small ape.
Sept. 1959Clapps Chapel Road, near KnoxvilleEarl Taylor & John RosenbaumFired at Bigfoot which came up to house.
Aug. 1965Rutherford CountyRoy Hudson, Terry Ring, Dorris Barrett, Terry LesterSaw 7-ft, reddish-brown Bigfoot with 3-in teeth and pug nose.
Spring 1968Monteagle MtnBrenda Ann Adkins7-ft Bigfoot with nauseating odor came within 6 ft of witness and stared at her before walking away.
Oct. 1975Giles CountyFarmerWatched Bigfoot in barn kill calf by throwing it on ground.
April 23, 1976Near FlintvilleTwo teenagersBigfoot seen climbing bank at night.
April 26, 1976Near FlintvilleGary Robertson (4), mother Mrs. Jennie Robertson, & six men including Deputy Sheriff Homer Davis, Melvin Robertson & Stan MooreBigfoot apparently attempted to pick up Gary; 6-man posse chased and shot at it.
April 1976Near FlintvilleWomanBigfoot jumped on car roof and stole radio aerial.
Early Sept. 1979Near White HouseBill CookFarmer wrestled with slant-eyed Bigfoot which escaped; local reports of animal killings.
Jan. 1980NashvilleDon RobertsSaw broad-shouldered animal with rubber-like face run through field on two legs.

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